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InfoStrat, a division of Serenic Software, developed the SAVIN Victim Notification System to help correction agencies manage contacts and alerts when offenders are transferred or released. State departments of correction and county jails must deploy a system for notifying victims, constituents, law enforcement officials and other stakeholders when an offender’s custody status changes.

SAVIN is built on the proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM) and SharePoint platforms which provide flexibility, scalability, integration capabilities and powerful workflow features.


SAVIN Victim Notification: 1-Day Assessment

InfoStrat, a division of Serenic Software, offers a complimentary assessment to evaluate how SAVIN  fits your victim notification programs.  For more information, see our Microsoft AppSource listing.


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Texas Dept of Criminal Justice implements SAVIN Victim Services

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Victim Services Division launched a new Integrated Victim Services System (IVSS) that provides 24 hour access to offender information for crime victims, victim advocates, and criminal justice professionals.  The system uses InfoStrat's SAVIN Victim Notification solution, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.  


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SAVIN Victim Notification System

Victim Notification with SAVIN: South Dakota Goes Statewide

In July 2016, South Dakota rolled out a fully statewide SAVIN notification system using the solution from InfoStrat, a division of Serenic Software.  


The SAVIN solution provides victims with timely and accurate notifications of changes to offender custody and case status. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM), it leverages the best of breed technology which is regularly upgraded by Microsoft. It provides a wide range of tools for administrators including ad hoc reporting and query development, workflow management, internal alerting, integration with Microsoft Office, role-based security, and many other standard features. 

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SAVIN Victim Notification System

Indiana Department of Correction Victim Notification

The Indiana Department of Correction called for a modern alert system to display accurate, more personalized alerts that would keep registrants informed of the Department's decisions.

InfoStrat, a division of Serenic Software, implemented the SAVIN solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) in conjunction with an integrated website for alert registration.  Indiana SAVIN uses cloud-based call center services, email notification, text message, text to speech and robo-calling.

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