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The Indiana Department of Correction provides notifications when offenders are released or transferred to victims and other people who register such as judges and prosecutors.

Business Situation

The Indiana Department of Correction called for a modern alert system to display accurate, more personalized alerts that would keep registrants informed of the Department's decisions.


InfoStrat implemented the SAVIN solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) in conjunction with an integrated website for alert registration.  Indiana SAVIN uses cloud-based call center services, email notification, text message, text to speech and robo-calling.


The Results
  • Savings of $2.4 million over four years

  • Personalized notifications with 24/7 live operators and advanced notification options

  • Greater flexibility with latest technology

  • Faster response time for updates

Victim Notification - Indiana

Read the press release from our customer, the Indiana Department of Correction.  

Read about our solution in Government Technology magazine: Crime Victim Notification Gets Personal

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