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Microsoft, InfoStrat and Stimulus360


Microsoft Stimulus360 is a solution designed to permit public sector organizations to keep a close eye on the US economic stimulus funds. Stimulus360 was developed to increase the level of transparency and collaboration among governmental entities. An integral part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act from February 17, 2009 involved not only the obligation to wisely allocate $300 billion in funds, but also to manage the resources, track them and provide reports on the evolution of funded projects.


The Microsoft project team, lead by Sam Khoury and Stuart McKee, engaged InfoStrat to develop Stimulus360 based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint.  The project has to be completed in less than ninety days to meet the federal reporting schedule.


Bing Maps Integration Graphic

Integration with Bing Maps provides advanced data visualization.

Stimulus360 includes capabilities such as tracking, measuring, and sharing information related to stimulus-funded projects. The solution was available to public sector organizations in the US both as an on-premise offering, as well as hosted.


Within 18 months, over twenty states, counties and cities adopted Stimulus360 to track over $200 billion in ARRA grants.  Some agencies continue to use the solution for grant management five years after ARRA.

"Stimulus360 provides a tool that governments can immediately use to meet the specific and often complex requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" .

Gail Thomas-Flynn

GM, Microsoft State and Local Business

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