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State Departments of Correction are required to provide notifications indicating when offenders are released or transferred  to victims and others who register, such as judges and prosecutors.

Business Situation

The South Dakota Attorney General's Office was looking for a modern alert system to relay timely details such as court hearing dates and results, parole information, protection orders, and release from jail or prison to victims of serious crimes. 


InfoStrat implemented the SAVIN solution in conjunction with an integrated website for alert registration, using cloud-based call center services, email notification, text message, text to speech and robo-calling. Built in Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAVIN leverages best of breed technology which is regularly upgraded by Microsoft, providing a wide range of tools for administrators including ad hoc reporting and query development, workflow management, internal alerting, integration with Microsoft Office, role-based security, among other standard features.

The solution includes a Law Enforcement portal allowing all jails to participate and permitting sheriffs and police officers to add and update offender data even if their jail management system is offline.


The Results
  • Statewide Automated Victim Information (SAVIN) system allows victims of crimes like domestic violence or assault to register for an account to keep track of what happens to their offender. Up to date messages are sent via phone, text, email or letter.

  • Personalized notifications with 24/7 live operators and advanced notification options

  • Greater flexibility with latest technology

  • Faster response time for updates

  • Crime victims feel more at ease with the criminal justice system and more in control upon receiving important updates that affect their safety.

Victim Notification - South Dakota

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