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Tailored technical services for your Microsoft Software

ProShop is a professional services offering to help you accomplish your information technology goals without hiring a fulltime overhead employee.

For a predictable monthly subscription, you’ll get personalized support. Your costs are fixed, so you can budget without surprises. You’ll have a dedicated consultant who will help you approach issues, upgrades, customizations, training, and goals. Whenever you need help, you know exactly how to get it—your consultant, backed by our team of experts. This isn’t an extra cost—it’s part of your low monthly investment. This offering provides the expertise which saves you resources in HR, payroll, training, and turnover.  

How It Works


If you’re just starting out with your system, we can train your team by going over the standard features and functionality to get your team up and running quickly. If you’ve had it and been using it, training can be tailored to your needs.


Think of ways that that it can be more efficient. Your dedicated consultant can help make those ideas reality. If issues arise report them in your dedicated portal.


We will create a portal for your business. Designated employees will have access to it, allowing them to create tickets with problems or ideas to make the system more efficient.


You will be able to prioritize the weekly Punch-List. This will communicate your priorities to your dedicated consultant so they know what’s most pressing.


Your dedicated consultant will meet with you personally on the days that you have assigned. This will facilitate discussion about common issues or ideas and further prioritize the Punch-List. Your consultant will take it from there.


Get ongoing support - we have a team of experts that can assist if needed. Work with your consultant to be proactive! Brainstorm new goals and ideas that will help make your business more efficient while using your system.

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