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Resetting & Copying Button Commands in CRM

Recently, a customer set forth an initiative to "clean up" the entity ribbons in their Dynamics CRM 2016 instance. By this, they meant that a lot of buttons displayed, out of the box, are not useful for their users. One button in particular, the Export To Excel button, was a hot topic. The customer wanted only the base functionality to be available to the users. The Ribbon Workbench tool allowed the hiding of the fly-out buttons associated with the Export To Excel button on the home grid of a test entity. However, after an hour or so the Export To Excel button had been seriously messed up, so much so that attempting to recover was going to take too long and without any assurance of positive outcome. The only option was to reset the CommandCore back to the original.

CommandCore from Ribbon Workbench
CommandCore Attribute from Ribbon Workbench

Sure enough, this did the trick after a solution publish and clearing of internet cache.. The first problem solved, however, a button that only gave the users the default export functionality when they clicked the Export To Excel button was needed. The same CommandCore attribute for a custom button could be set and it would pick up the base functionality of the out of the box Export To Excel button. Finally, the custom button solution was implemented.

Custom Button XML
XML Snippet of Custom Button

The same problem has occurred from time to time on the project and the CommandCore has been used every time to either restore the button functionality or use the out of the box button functionality to create a new custom button.

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