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Adding font and icon file types to CRM

Recently, a Dynamics CRM 2016 client wanted their custom HTML web resource to have the look and feel of one of their websites. The website in question was using a popular toolkit for website construction, Bootstrap. I added the Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript files required to the web resource repository as a straightforward task. I created a prototype HTML web resource using the new Bootstrap components and quickly realized that not everything was included correctly in the web resource repository. When you download and install Bootstrap, you usually do so with a website structure so all of the file references are included and accessed correctly. This is not the case in CRM since there isn't really a website structure you can create. With that in mind, I browsed through Bootstrap CSS to find the faulty file references and ultimately the files missing. I quickly realized that Bootstrap CSS was referencing icon files that I had not included in the CRM web resource repository. The files in question were not directly supported by CRM as they were in extensions like .woff, .tff and .svg. I tried uploading each file as a JavaScript file but CRM complained and would not let me save the web resource. With a little more digging and looking into other 3rd party solutions doing similar things, I realized that you could upload the files as type Style Sheet (CSS) like

SVG Web Resource in CRM
SVG Web Resource in CRM

Once you've created all the appropriate web resource files for the different file types, change the references in the file where they are being referenced, in my case Bootstrap CSS. Notice the relative path depending on how you name your resource in CRM.

CSS Code Snippet of Icon Files
CSS Code Snippet of Icon Files

Once you've added the web resources and updated the appropriate files you'll be able to develop robust custom HTML resources using 3rd party libraries.

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