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Moving Your Government Agency to

the Microsoft Cloud


The Microsoft Cloud for Government is a complete cloud platform designed specifically for U.S. Federal, State, and Local Governments providing cost savings opportunities, rigorous security and compliance – including FedRAMP, HIPAA, and CJIS-capable features – and the flexibility to run in government, public, or private clouds with an integrated open platform.  Governments across the United States – from the biggest federal agencies to the smallest towns – are increasingly turning to the cloud to be more productive and collaborative, and to better harness exponentially growing amounts of data that helps them better support the citizens they serve. 

Microsoft understands the unique challenges and needs of its government clients and knows that “one size does not fit all”. Agencies are moving to the cloud on different timetables and with special needs and constraints. Microsoft now offers a complete dedicated cloud platform designed for the U.S. government, allowing agencies to seamlessly integrate their on premises and cloud environments.

This eBook is written for government agencies that are determining the most effective approach for moving to the Microsoft Cloud for Government and would like to review some of the key factors to consider as they evaluate the best way forward to meet their needs.

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