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Montgomery County, MD

Housing Management


The mission of the Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission is to provide affordable housing and supportive services that enhance the lives of low- and moderate-income families and individuals throughout the county.  To achieve this mission, HOC operates in three roles, as a public housing agency, a housing finance agency and a housing developer.


Business Situation

Montgomery County Housing Opportunity Commission (MCHOC) identified a need to improve client relationship management. As part of a reorganization and expansion to branch offices at multiple locations, a new system would make it easier to track all interactions with clients. The system required flexible workflows so profiles could easily be changed. In addition, the customer wanted the managers to have the ability to easily distribute tasks, automate imports, and print out receipts for each transaction.



Infostrat developed a housing solution that enables the tracking and management of all activities associated with a client to be contained in one central location.  The CRM system serves as the central communication piece between clients, staff, and management.

Infostrat created a workflow step generating utility to configure all workflow steps based on a user-supplied spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet defines what tasks are to be created when a task is completed.  When one task is completed, the next group of tasks is automatically started and assigned. The program also contains a subsystem for recertification that sends notification letters to each of these contacts in bulk, shows when the letters were sent, and opens a new task that waits for the recertification packages to come back.


  • Reduced learning curve since Microsoft CRM offers an Outlook interface

  • e-mail stored with subject and contact information, as well as synchronization of tasks and calendars

  • Multiple departments and users can now access all the current information on each client, eliminating having to look in various locations and ensure that all items are documented.

  • saved time with the option to automate a sequence of workflow

  • greater insight for managers  when information is changed including what that information was and who changed it

  • more effective tracking of communication between HOC personnel and tenants/ vendors


Infostrat’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Housing solution allows state and local governments to meet their service objectives while reducing overall processing costs of client inquiries.

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