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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Associations


Associations depend on information technology to fulfill their missions to help members and constituents through communications, meetings, publications, certifications, training and other activities. In the past, associations have had to choose between adopting off-the-shelf association products or building custom solutions.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a third option which can be used to build solutions for association needs while significantly reducing technical risk, cost, and implementation time, compared to traditional custom application development. It contains many fundamental capabilities right out of the box and may be extended and customized for an exact fit with association requirements.


Building on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 avoids many of the common pitfalls of custom application development. It gives users a starting point for functional requirements, contains a rich data model, handles many common low-level programming tasks, and provides advanced functionality such as offline replication and integration with Microsoft Office.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easily integrated with other elements of the Microsoft platform and to other products and technologies, such as document management and business intelligence. Dynamics 365 can effectively function as the primary interface to information in your organization.


This eBook, written for business decision makers, addresses the challenges of association management software and the role that Dynamics 365 can play in creating customized line of business (LOB) applications for associations. It shows how Dynamics 365 minimizes the risk of implementing solutions, making it a development platform that warrants serious consideration.


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