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Microsoft has become the most popular platform for office collaboration such as document management, intranets, and line of business solutions. Many customers are migrating to the Microsoft platform from other products and technologies such as Lotus Notes.


There is no simple recipe for migrating from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft platform. A migration project requires planning and analysis prior to installing infrastructure and migrating Lotus Notes applications.


This white paper explains how Lotus Notes applications may be converted to the Microsoft platform, the migration techniques and tools available, and best practices for migration to the Microsoft platform. It focuses on the more complex Notes apps which often are the highest barriers to migration and highlights the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as part of the entire Microsoft application platform.


Microsoft has developed a detailed approach to migration from Lotus Notes. The most comprehensive treatment of this approach is in Microsoft’s Application Analysis Envisioning Process for Lotus Domino Applications by Scott Andersen et al. We are simplifying and summarizing this approach in this white paper and adding how Microsoft Dynamics CRM fits into the Microsoft platform and offers a rapid way to migrate many complex Lotus Notes applications.


Our target audience is information technology managers, project managers, software architects and software developers evaluating the Microsoft collaboration platform and planning migration projects.

Migrating Lotus Notes Applications to the Microsoft Platform
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