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Justice and Public Safety

InfoStrat has worked with federal, state and local law enforcement organizations to provide solutions for investigative case management, legal case management, and victim notification. 

InfoStrat developed the SAVIN360 Victim Notification System to help correction agencies manage contacts and alerts when offenders are transferred or released. State departments of correction and county jails must deploy a system for notifying victims, constituents, law enforcement officials and other stakeholders when an offender’s custody status changes.


To learn more, contact us for the solution data sheet or the press release from our customer, the Indiana Department of Correction.

SAVIN360 Victim Notification System
Investigative Case Management System

The Investigative Case Management System (ICMS) software solution covers all the phases of an investigation, and is currently being used by U.S. federal investigators.   The business process begins with a workflow to approve the investigation and assign investigators.  It tracks case techniques such as crime lab tests, polygraphs, fingerprints, search warrants, and subpoenas.

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