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Implementing Parature, by Microsoft


Parature, from Microsoft, enables personalized customer care experiences. Microsoft Parature is a cloud-based help desk/customer service management application that enterprises can deploy to provide self-service capabilities to their customers. Parature’s knowledge management system, self-service portals and multi-channel engagements allow customer service representatives (CSRs) to deliver more efficient and effective service. While Parature, by Microsoft is obviously useful for organizations that have significant customer support demand, it is also a tremendous value-add for organizations of all sizes as they seek to provide excellent 24x7 customer service to both current and prospective customers. However, the process of implementing Parature  is not well understood and involves several key steps to achieve the optimal results.


Parature, by Microsoft is comprised of a Service Desk that helps CSRs manage the flow of customer inquiries efficiently and route them through an escalation process to ensure complete customer satisfaction. It also provides a customer support portal that allows users to submit tickets, search the knowledgebase, or chat with a CSR to help them get answers to their questions. Parature is strictly a cloud-based system and is in use on many highly visible web properties (for example, the Social Security Administration and

This whitepaper will provide an overview of the Microsoft Parature Service Desk and the Microsoft Parature Customer Support Portal, and provide detail on the steps to set up and configure a Parature system tailored for your organization based on the lessons learned by our staff.


Parature, from Microsoft: Migration to Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

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