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Health and Human Services

InfoStrat is a member of the Microsoft Connected HHS Alliance and has provided health and human services solutions to federal and state agencies for over twenty years.

The Public Health Tablet solution enables a public health nurse (PHN) to conduct disease investigations and enter the data in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM based field case management system while in the field.  A tablet solution enables users to take full advantage of ta tablet's data entry capability and  create a natural way for the nurses to enter data directly into CRM while maintaining the critical person-to-person communication during the investigation.

The InfoStrat Case Management for Disease Control solution helps public health workers prevent outbreaks of contagious diseases.   It provides tools for field case management, including appointment scheduling, interview template, and tracks disease vectors and contributing factors. 


InfoStrat President Jim Townsend interviewed by Microsoft's Kevin Dolan on HHS solutions

Public Health Tablet
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