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Harris County is the 3rd most populous county in the U.S. and covers over 1,700 square miles.  The Harris County Public Infrastructure Division reviews development plans and project information to mitigate the impact of development on county assets, resources and infrastructure.  While the Permits Office of Harris County actually issues the permits, a number of other city and county agencies are involved in the life cycle of land development to include: city planning commissions, the county fire marshal, the flood control district, the appraisal district, the county clerk’s office and federal agencies like the EPA and FEMA.


Business Situation

When engineering consulting firms, architects and contractors need plans reviewed or permits issued they must apply in person and submit paper documents.  Given the exponential growth that Harris County is experiencing, service needs are growing faster than the County can attract the talent required to handle the growth and replace experienced workforce that are reaching retirement age. The system must be able to submit documentation, be monitored by managers, track all activity, and integrate with other organizations and solutions.



Infostrat developed an electronic permitting solution that enables engineering consulting firms, architects and contractors to submit applications, documentation and payments online through the development life-cycle to include platting, plan review, permitting, case management and inspection activities.


  • learning curve for users has been significantly reduced

  • allows state and local governments to meet their service objectives while reducing overall processing costs of project reviews, permitting, surety bond recording, and other licensing activities

  • provides a vehicle for increasing fee based revenues as a result of the value that permit and licensing users derive from the enhanced and expedited service offerings.

  • Outlook Integration- full integration of e-Permits workplace with Microsoft Outlook

  • e-mail storage based on subject and contact information

  • synchronization of tasks and calendars.

  •  the most current information available as it is updated

  • property and project information on a map with GIS layers.

  • The synergy created by the implementation of these integrated Microsoft technologies, provides a “state-of-the-art” permitting solution at an easily justified investment cost.

Harris County e-Permits

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