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The InfoStrat staff writes white papers which cover technology topics of interest to our clients. Most are geared toward business decisionmakers and information technology leadership, but some are written for developers and systems architects.  We welcome your suggestions for new topics.

In this whitepaper, we focus on the four most recent versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM which include 4.0, 2011, 2013, and 2015. Upgrade paths for Dynamics CRM deployed on premise and online are addressed separately, with specific steps outlined for each approach.

This whitepaper will provide an overview of the Microsoft Parature Service Desk and the Microsoft Parature Customer Support Portal and provide detail on the steps to set up and configure a Microsoft Parature system tailored for your organization based on the lessons learned by our staff.

Business users and developers often ask which product is suitable for which task.  At first glance, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM seem to overlap in their capabilities.  This white paper explains scenarios for both products, feature comparisons, and how they work together in the context of business solutions.

This white paper explains how to extend workflows and use the tools of Dynamics CRM for managing more complex processes. It demonstrates how multiple Business Process Flows can be programmatically manipulated to implement complex visual processes and coordinate them with background processes.

InfoStrat has updated its white paper on migrating Lotus Notes applications to the Microsoft platform. It outlines the approaches for planning and conducting the migration, with special emphasis on Dynamics CRM as the migration target for custom Notes applications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers more than simply an off-the-shelf Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used to build solutions for common business needs while significantly reducing technical risk, cost, and implementation time, compared to traditional custom application development.

InfoStrat has worked with national associations as they migrate to the cloud and have learned valuable lessons along the way, which help similar organizations determine the best way forward. This whitepaper is written for associations that are beginning their analysis of the benefits and costs of moving to the Microsoft cloud.

Some of the thorniest challenges in a CRM implementation revolve around getting the data from the previously used system migrated successfully into the new system as well as integrating the new system into the corporate landscape of existing systems that are not being replaced, especially financial systems.This white paper provides general guidance and pointers on how to choose the right tool when you are evaluating your data migration and systems integration requirements for Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a third option which can be used to build solutions for association needs while significantly reducing technical risk, cost, and implementation time, compared to traditional custom application development. It contains many fundamental capabilities right out of the box and may be extended and customized for an exact fit with association requirements.

Dynamics CRM contains many of the tools and features needed for an alerting solution.  InfoStrat has released a new white paper which surveys the elements of an alerting and notification solution and the components of an alerting or notifying process.  It shows how to use Dynamics CRM as a platform for building such a solution, including examples.

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