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Executive Scheduling

Elected officials, particularly those in some form of executive office such as governors and mayors, receive numerous requests to appear at public events or private functions, for interviews, and a host of other events.


The InfoStrat Executive Scheduling solution enables the official’s scheduling team to manage these requests in a standard way that ensures all requests are reviewed against the schedule, that a determination can be made whether the official can and should attend or if someone should be sent in the official's stead and that a timely response is provided to the requestor. 

The Executive Scheduling solution tracks incoming requests for attendance by the executive at various events. Requests can come in via phone, letter, email or a form on the executive’s website.

Details about the event are gathered to provide a briefing to the executive as part of the Calendar record, so that the executive is able to review event details while en route or as part of a daily briefing. These details--location, type of event, type of requestor, size of event, etc.--can be used to develop a set of metrics to provide insight and gauge trends concerning the kinds of requests and requestors and to help guide new and fugutre request reviews.


If the event is one in which the executive will not be able to attend, the solution provides the option to select a surrogate. The appropriate surrogate would be identified and an email is sent to that person to coordinate their attendance as well as notification to the event organizer. Responses to the requestor can also be stylized as a standard acceptance or regret letter or email, a hand-written letter, a phone call; depending on how personalized the response should be.


Executive Scheduling provides a calendar view of all the executive’s scheduled events for each day. CRM Appointments are used to integrate the executive’s personal calendar with official calendar events.


The solution also has a feature for tracking gifts received by the official. The feature assigns a tracking number to the gift and tracks the type of gift, descriptive information, when it was received, whether it was given at a particular event, and what person or organization presented the gift. The solution provides management tools that enable standard thank you note processing; this includes identification of the type of thank you note, specification of the need for a hand written note, and tracking the note through completion.

VIDEO:  Overview of InfoStrat's executive scheduling solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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