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Employee Onboarding

The Microsoft Access Control Management System (ACMS) provides public sector agencies with on-boarding tools to streamline new employee procedures.  


ACMS is a flexible, extensible, framework to generate notifications to system administrators, facilities personnel, and managers to assist in provisioning office space, telecommunication equipment, and access to information technology (IT) systems. 

Many preparatory steps are required to bring a new employee into a government agency. From a simple portal, a request can be initiated by Human Resources and notify the various departments about the employee’s scheduled start.  Using ACMS, the appropriate departments will receive task notifications before the new employee arrives.     


End User Portal

The portal component is used to initiate the addition or termination of an employee and view requests in process. 


Information gathered to initiate the request can be as simple or complex as required.  Employee equipment requirements and system access rights are based on a matrix of Division, Location, Title or Role, and type of user.




Key performance indicators and related metrics are stored in Microsoft® ACMS.  Dashboards are preconfigured to display key performance indicators such as request volume per division, overdue requests, or request in queue to help IT and facilities managers optimize their tasks.


Employee Onboarding Screenshot
Employee Onboarding Screenshot
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