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Dynamics 365 for Government Contractors --
GovCon CRM

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GovCon CRM complements Deltek GovWin IQ, Federal Business Opportunities (, Onvia and other government contract market intelligence sources by providing government contractors with a flexible solution that helps automate business capture processes, including market intelligence analysis and in-depth proposal management.  

VIDEO: Introduction to Dynamics 365 for Government Contractors

GovCon CRM simplifies the capture process by allowing users to search for opportunities from government databases directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and import those search results, creating new opportunity records. Users can then follow opportunities through the sales process from proposal and review phases to the final award phase. The solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform to facilitate integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, and document management. If you are using Deltek GovWin IQ, Onvia or other sources, consider Dynamics for your capture management tracking. 

For a detailed indication of capabilities, download the document GovCon CRM Features

See our Product Roadmap for future capabilities.


Workflow Management

  • includes standard business process for capture effort to be tailored to client needs

  • allows for multiple processes for different opportunity types such as task orders, blanket purchase agreements, and modifications

Proposal Management

  • integration with document management system

  • tracks color team reviews and proposal versions

Integration with Data Services

  • integrates with Deltek GovWin (optional and requires extra subscription)

  • integration with other data services

Opportunity Management

  • opportunity reviews to manage bids and teams

  • streamlines proposal process through reviews and SharePoint integration

  • custom reviews using workflow management

  • manages post-award activities starting with project creation and framework for integration of timesheet, accounting and Project Server systems

  • generates ad-hoc reports /  dashboards to streamline operational and strategic communications


  • hosted solution or on premises deployment

  • 99.9% up-time

  • mobile accessible (smartphone and tablets)

  • cloud deployment complies with privacy protection regulations

  • complies with Section 508 accessibility requirements


  • supports all major web browsers 

  • able to fully export all data and all attached files on request

  • integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint and Office 365

  • allows migration of legacy data from existing databases, spreadsheets and documents


  • allows end users to create ad hoc queries and reports

  • provides support for business intelligence products such as Microsoft PowerBI for advanced analytics

  • includes customizable sales dashboards


  • supports role-based security including record and field level security

  • single sign-on with Office 365 or on premises Windows security

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GovCon CRM

Contact us for a demo, or to learn more about how our Dynamics 365 solution can help streamline your government contracting process. 

CRM for Government Contractors: 1-Day Assessment

InfoStrat offers a complimentary 1-Day assessment to evaluate how Dynamics 365 for Government Contractors can help improve the performance of your government capture teams. For more information, see our Microsoft AppSource listing.

GovCon CRM QuickStart: 1-Wk Proof of Concept

Our Dynamics 365 for Government Contractors QuickStart helps you get up and running quickly using Dynamics 365 in the Microsoft Cloud for capture management of government contracts. For more information, see our Microsoft AppSource listing.

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NEW FEATURE:  Integration with GovWin IQ

In response to customer requests, InfoStrat offers integration with GovWin IQ in its Dynamics 365 for Government Contractors solution. Deltek GovWin is the leading source of information on federal contracting opportunities. Many of InfoStrat’s clients use GovWin IQ to research bid opportunities.

The InfoStrat integration allows you to create opportunities as well as associated records such as customers and contacts from either a single GovWin opportunity or a batch of opportunities which you have selected.

We provide standard field mappings for the InfoStrat GovCon solutions, but you can also create custom mappings without programming.

The integration requires an active GovWin subscription.

If you are a federal government contractor, let InfoStrat show you how you can streamline your capture management efforts with Microsoft Dynamics 365,  Office 365 and now GovWin IQ.

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