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Dynamics CRM Alerts and Notifications


More and more, organizations and government agencies need to get important information out quickly to their constituents. This information may have public or personal safety implications. This white paper discusses implementing a solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

While CRM systems in general have been thought of in terms of managing customer relationships, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a suite of development tools enabling extension of standard customer (or constituent) relationship and case management into solutions that can manage various business processes, including constituent alerting and notification. Using xRM (Extensible Relationship Management; the approach in which solutions are built in Dynamics CRM), a custom solution can be implemented that is designed specifically for your business process.

Dynamics CRM, in addition to enabling significant customization, also comes out of the box with many of the tools and features needed for an alerting solution. In this white paper, we will survey the elements of an alerting and notification solution and the components of an alerting or notifying process. We will then look at CRM as a platform for building such a solution. We will finish by looking at an InfoStrat alerting and notification solution implementation.

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