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Professional Accreditation and Licensing

InfoStrat has developed a solution to help manage the periodic requirements of continuing education, professional and trade accreditation and licensing.
The program is used to track each person’s:

  • status (active, inactive, on probation, suspended, etc.)

  • required annual fee payments

  • compliance with insurance coverage requirements

  •  up-to-date contact information

The solution allows institutions to:

  • track compliance of continuing education requirements

  • check payment status of any fees associated with non-compliance

  • build, manage and report training conferences.

A headstart to custom fit
This solution accelerator can be tailored to meet specific and changing requirements. Because it is based on the Microsoft development platform, you can be sure of wide technical support from a large software development community.

Easy to adopt and learn
By taking advantage of the excellent usability and familiar interface of Microsoft products, you can drive user adoption quickly and support the solution more easily because users don’t have to learn new software.

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