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Constituent Manager

InfoStrat's Constituent Manager solution helps elected officials and their staffs to respond more effectively to requests from constituents. The solution uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM) platform, which provides scalablility and flexibiltiyI.


Constituent Manager tracks all interactions with constituents, including, emails, faxes, phone calls, meetings and other contacts, and supports outreach campaigns to press and citizens.


Workflow capability allows users to assign tasks and track completion.  It provides email notification when workflow steps are completed, as well as reports and reminders when necessary.

Automated workflows route issues to appropriate departments, and the disposition of each request is tracked through completion.   Dashboards provide rich insight into departmental workloads, issue types, bottlenecks and trends.

For an overview of our Constituent Manager solution,

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Key Features
Constituent Tracking
Communication Tracking

VIDEO:  Constituent Manager with Dynamics CRM

An overview of InfoStrat's Constituent Manager Solution




Los Angeles County Constituent Management


Los Angeles County is one of the largest local governments in the United States, serving roughly twelve million residents and employing more than 100,000 people. Approximately 27 percent of California residents live in Los Angeles County.
With such a populous county, the Los Angeles County sought out a streamlined system that could handle the day to day schedules of all of the county departments as well as contain the records for cases and requests within its database.

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