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Code Compliance 

Code Compliance investigates neighborhood quality of life complaints, including parking in the grass, junk in the yard, too many people living in a home, uncut grass, building without permits, and hoarding. It enforces zoning, property maintenance, building, blight, grass, fire and health codes.


InfoStrat's Code Compliance solution based on Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM) extends the capabilities of the Dynamics 365 case management platform by tracking reports, inspections, and violations of local codes.


Mobile Capabilities

Inspectors in the field may use mobile devices to enter case information as well as capture images to assist with the inspection. Using Windows Tablets, iPads or Android devices with built-in cameras, these images are stored automatically with the case information. Inspectors can capture condition reports and photos.

Code Compliance uses maps such as ESRI to show inspection sites and provide driving directions.

Integration with the Microsoft Platform

Solutions built with Microsoft Dynamics 365 are intuitive and easy to use because the software works with the tools users are familiar with, such as Microsoft Office Outlook®, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel®, and Office SharePoint Server. Office Outlook helps navigate the data and compiles information, such as e-mail, into a structured process. Office SharePoint Server is often used for document management and collaboration integration.





Code Compliance Screenshot
Active Violation Screenshot
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