Enterprise Case Management Toolbox is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 plug-in designed to simplify large scale case and ticket handling. 

Enterprise Case Management Toolbox


Email SPAM Detection

Within Dynamics 365, create cases automatically from emails received, utilizing advanced spam filtering and domain definitions to prevent invalid entries. Allows email attachments to be copied to cases.

Classification by Type & Priority

Use customized key words to automatically classify each case or ticket. Designate case type [question, problem, request] and priority [low, medium, high, urgent], or escalate.

Assignment by Classification

Each case is assigned based on priority, queue and availability of Customer Service Representative or team. Utilizes load balancing to ensure efficient distribution of cases.

  • Custom Email 


    Responses are generated quickly and effortlessly using a comprehensive set of email templates. Complex custom templates retrieve multiple related entities to populate the body of email replies.

  • Case Workflow Visualization

    Enhanced data tracking allows overview of cases by queue (priority or type) or by Customer Service Representative, for easy oversight of resolved and unresolved cases.

Enterprise Case Management Toolbox

InfoStrat's solution for simplifying large scale email case management in Dynamics 365 can help improve the performance of your customer service representatives and teams. For more information, see our Microsoft AppSource listing.

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