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Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Organization

The Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Organization  (ATO) is responsible for the safety of civil aviation. The primary service of the ATO is to move air traffic safely and efficiently. Its employees are the 35,000 controllers, technicians, engineers and support personnel whose daily efforts keep aircrafts moving safely through the nation's skies.


Business Situation

The goal was to speed up the review and approval process while increasing visibility for managers and other stakeholders. Automating the process of tracking, prioritizing and assigning of requests as well as funds for projects would allow FAA greater control, agility and aligment of business groups to carry out their missions. The business called for an automated system to manage requests.



InfoStrat implemented a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Project to automate ATO request management. The solution stores and manages IT service requests, customer relationships and interactions, as well as automates process flows.


Using Dynamics CRM as a development environment, an approach called xRM, enabled the project team to quickly design, build and deploy the solution.


The solution includes integration with Microsoft Project Server to avoid redundant data entry and provide project visibility using key data imported into Dynamics CRM, including:


  • Projects

  • Risks

  • Issues

  • Milestone Tasks


The Results

  • Faster response to requests

  • Greater visibility to requestors

  • Higher customer satisfaction

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